Discovering the ideal hairdresser for you is crucial. We suggest having a complimentary consultation before booking your appointment, allowing you to discuss your requirements with one of our skilled hairdressers.
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signature cut

A TONI&GUY cut is something extraordinary. Our highly skilled teams use TONI&GUY signature cutting techniques to craft a personalized look that complements your unique individuality, lifestyle, and hair texture.


A TONI&GUY cut is a unique experience. Employing TONI&GUY’s signature cutting techniques, our highly skilled teams will craft a personalized look tailored to complement your individuality, lifestyle, and hair texture.



Experience a concise, TONI&GUY iconic barber-style cut, meticulously designed for you. This swift and uncomplicated transformation is elevated by our expert utilization of LABEL.M professional haircare items, ensuring a personalized and refined appearance.

afro textured hair

Whether we embrace and celebrate natural textures or choose to relax the hair, we gain the ability to craft stunning, daring yet marketable forms, enriched with colours that provide moisture, strength, and an amplified curl allure.


Your colour expert will listen attentively to your colour objectives and requirements whilst assessing your skin tone, eye colour, and hair texture. Afterwards they will create the perfect TONI&GUY signature colour that caters to your preferences and enhances your overall look.

signature colour

Get a TONI&GUY full head colour treatment, covering your hair from roots to ends. Whether you seek to add shine, lighten, darken, change the tone, or cover white hair, our colour experts will provide a tailored solution that will suit your preferences perfectly

signature balayage

Experience a TONI&GUY freehand, custom full head application that can achieve either a natural sun-kissed look or create brighter, bolder, face-framing accents for your hair.

signature highlights

Enjoy TONI&GUY’s classic highlights, expertly applied throughout your hair to add brightness and create a beautiful multi-tonal effect. Whether you prefer a natural, textured, or bold look, these highlights are perfect for blending white hair seamlessly.
perm hair-toni&guy belgium


A perm changes the inherent texture of your hair, offering the versatility to achieve defined curls, gentle beach waves with subtle movement, or even adding volume to fine hair.


From stunning honey blondes to trendy techniques like Balayage, we’ll assist you in exploring all the colour options available to you.
Altering your hair’s texture can determine its styling potential, whether it’s adding volume, creating bouncy curls, or taming and smoothing unruly hair into a sleek, shiny, and manageable style
relax hair-toni&guy belgium


A relaxer transforms the natural texture of your hair from wavy or curly to soft or straight locks. It effectively reduces volume and frizz, leaving your hair silky, shiny, and straight.


A liquid hair treatment infused with keratin, intended to control unruly hair while significantly enhancing its health, condition, and shine.


For the perfect blow dry or a stunning hair up for a special occasion, our TONI&GUY signature finishing services employ the latest techniques to guarantee a beautiful and long-lasting result.
hair up-toni&guy belgium

hair up

For sophisticated occasions, from celebrations to the red carpet, our expertly crafted hair updos will ensure that you’re the one stealing the show.


Experience a gorgeous TONI&GUY signature blow dry tailored to your preferences, whether you desire volume, movement, or texture, enhanced with a finish using our professional label. M haircare products to make you look and feel amazing.
wedding-hair-toni&guy belgium


For your extra special wedding day, we invite you to meet one of our TONI&GUY specialists for a consultation and trial to ensure that everything is perfect on the big day.


The TONI&GUY hair spa treatment is designed to uplift your mood while ensuring your hair and scalp are left ultra clean and healthy.


At TONI&GUY, we prioritize the health of your hair above all else. Your hairdresser will recommend the ideal treatment and haircare solution to help you maintain beautiful hair and a healthy scalp.
relax hair-toni&guy belgium


This treatment actively operates at a molecular level to repair damaged and broken hair bonds, rejuvenating the hair, restoring elasticity, and preventing future breakage.
Keratin smooth Toni&Guy treatment


An innovative liquid hair treatment infused with keratin, aimed at taming unruly hair while significantly enhancing its health, condition, and shine.
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